Drahthaarvizsla von Haus Schladern

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Wirehairedvizsla von Haus Schladern

I`m very happy that you found the way to my wirehaired Vizsla. I live and breed now in the homeland of this beautigul breed HUNGARY. I fall in live to this breed 30 years ago and the first litter were born on the 1.April 1994

The Kennel "von Haus Schladern"  give their pups FCI + MEOE-Papieren, they got her chip, will be DNA-tested and of course dewormed


Take some time to have a look to my dogs and have some fun by reading.


 Ihre  Ingeborg Caminneci

Ingeborg Caminneci

Mail : caminneci@drahthaarvizsla.de